Saturday, August 1, 2015

Tigger Benford

Tigger Benford was one of the most influential artists I have ever met. His classes and subsequent choreography utilized body percussion and  . . . . . how do I describe it . . . . . . math! 

The result of the collaborative effort was fresh and complex but so precise that it communicated layers of simplicity woven into magical patterns. The kinestetic response to his music and rhythms is something that inspire me to this day!

Partial Quotes from the "PERSONAL STATEMENT OF THE ARTIST," Tigger Benford.

The full quote may be found HERE -- and I most adamantly encourage you to check it out and read more about Tigger.
His CDs are also available at this site. They are AMAZING!

Here are the partial quotes:

"Playing for dance is important to me. What I value about it most is that seeing movement helps me create music, and it is necessary for me to create music to live life with a sense of satisfaction and meaning. In turn, the music I play seems to be inspiring for those who use it for movement, and this is gratifying as well, to know that my music has found a useful place in the world.

My interest is in generating certain responses in listeners. If I got the wrong response it's the wrong piece. The meaning and nature of the piece exist in the world as a set of responses, not as some absolute artistic entity in my own mind.

I believe that art and artists exist to fulfill an evolutionary design. Their consistent presence throughout history in culture after culture cannot be explained by politics or by economics.
People need a special place and time to escape temporarily from the circle of their own lives, which are often filled with pain and drudgery. Art and entertainment which do not have the power to transport the audience have no business being on the stage.

As a consumer I value both art and entertainment. For me what distinguishes the one from the other is art gives me insights I can bring back into my life, helping me to lead it in a richer and clearer way. Personally I hope both to entertain people, and to help them get more out of their lives in some mysterious way. "

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